Aronamin Gold multivitamins endorsed by James and Phil Younghusband


Aronamin Gold held a press conference today to highlight James and Phil Younghusband’s endorsement of the multivitamin product. The brothers arrived at the event to discuss with media the benefit that Aronamin multivitamins have provided them given that they lead very active lifestyles. In fact, they have been active since childhood whether on or off football season due to training and practice, while the days leading up to a game are when they do a lot of running and intense fitness work.

Interestingly, Aronamin Gold differs from other multivitamins in that it contains fat soluble components of vitamin B1 and B2, which are beneficial for energy production, the nervous system, brain function, and cardiovascular function. Being that Aronamin Gold provides these components in a fat soluble form as opposed to a water soluble one, they stay longer in the body and are not easily excreted during physical exertion.

The Philippine football stars give regocnition to Aronamin Gold for helping them perform at their best every day by maintaining the high energy levels needed to suit their lifestyle. The endorsers have been taking the product for more than a year and have seen fast-acting and noticeable results for daily physical and mental stress. As expressed by the two brothers, balance is essential in upholding a healthy and active lifestyle. This involves getting the right amount of exercise, sleep, and a balanced diet.

Also featured at today’s press conference was the new video advertisement for the product, which showcased James and Phil performing numerous football tricks on an all-white backdrop with the Aronamin Gold logo at the bottom right of the screen.

Aronamin Gold can be purchased at selected South Star and Metro Manila Mercury branches at a suggested retail price of P13 per tablet.