ASUS announces 3 new motherboards for Intel’s X79 Chipsets – P9X79, TUF SABERTOOTH X79 and ROG Rampage IV Extreme


Last last week we went to Singapore to attend Asus’ Global Technical seminar for Intel’s upcoming X79 series of chipsets for the 2011 socket. Since the NDA we signed is finally lifted as of today we’re finally able to give you a peek at what’s coming. Three new motherboard products were announced – the P9X79 for mainstream users, the TUF SABERTOOTH X79 for people looking for a tough board that lasts and the ROG Rampage IV Extreme, which is aimed at power gamers and overclockers. All three boards will use Intel’s 2nd generation of Core i7 processors for high-end desktops, though each board has a unique twist to them (that we’ll detail in separate articles later). For now, you can ogle at the board shots that we managed to take during the event.