[BREAKING] Smart offers free LTE use to postpaid iPhone 5 subscribers until April 30, 2013


With the official release of iOS 6.1 and the LTE capabilit unleashed for local iPhone 5 devices, the flood gates have opened for Globe and Smart to give users a taste of their mobile LTE network. Fresh out of the gate is Smart, with the telco saying that subscribers of their iPhone 5 postpaid plans with unlimited data unlimited will be able to enjoy free LTE on their iPhone 5’s until April 30, 2013. That offer starts today, according to a smart representative, and requires no further input from a user – if you have that plan, you’re in.

So what happens after April 30? No one knows. Smart’s rep said that there’s no concrete plans as of yet, which might mean that the company will still be looking at usage statistics on their new LTE network with all these iPhone 5s connecting before deciding on a plan of action. For now,  if you’re one of the people who got an unlimited postpaid data plan from Smart with your iPhone 5, you can switch on that LTE button on your phone and let the good times roll.