Crytek powered social gaming network Gface goes on beta, potential OnLive challenger


Crytek, our favorite creator of games that make rigs puke blood, has just made public it’s intentions: social gaming. In cooperation with affiliate Gface, the company is set to revolutionize the way we game socially with its new Gface gaming service, which takes a page out of both Facebook’s and OnLive’s playbook by combining social gaming with OnLive’s cloud gaming approach. The new service will feature a variety of social and casual games, as well as FPS and other games, which you can play on the browser without additional hardware. The only downside here is that this service will necessitate a beefy internet connection, something that makes it far out of the reach of typical gamers here in the Philippines. The service is now in closed beta, though the site says they are still looking for people to test it. Want to sign-up? Check out their link below.

Source: Gface