CSMS is first to offer In-Motion Robotic Therapy in PH



Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC) is the Philippines’ first and only hospital to offer In-Motion Robotic Therapy—a revolutionary technology that provides therapy and treatment to patients who suffer from neurological conditions such as stroke survivors and patients with spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy.

CSMC Department of Rehabilitation Medicine Chair Dr. Ofelia Reyes explained that In-Motion Robotics is cost-effective because of its “intensive nature.” Results can be seen in a shorter period of time compared to standard stroke rehabilitation treatments. “And as proven by actual cases of our patients, the effects are long-term and longer lasting. The treatment gives stroke and other neurological patients new hope for a better quality of life,” Reyes emphasized.

In-Motion Robotic Therapy is particularly beneficial in helping stroke survivors relearn arm movements. The institution cited the experience of one CSMC patient who was treated with In-Motion Robotic therapy, Kwok Kwan Tan, 55, who suffered multiple damages in the brain after a stroke that paralyzed the left side of his body. Within only two months of treatment, Tan was able to relearn arm and leg movements. Prior to the treatment, Tan underwent daily physical therapy for a year and a half, which only resulted in limited movement of his arms and legs.

The principle by which In-Motion Robotic Therapy operates is neuroplasticity—that the brain can reorganize itself after injury so that when nerve cells die, their functions are taken over by other cells.

CSMC’s Department of Rehabilitation Medicine offers three kinds of In-Motion robots for patient rehabilitation: a shoulder-elbow robot for improving shoulder and elbow control, a wrist robot, and a hand robot for grasping, releasing and pinching exercises.

“We are happy to bring this newest advance in rehabilitation treatment to the country,” commented Atty. Pilar Nenuca Almira, president and chief executive officer of CSMC. “We’ve seen how robotic therapy has helped our patients improve their quality of lives and we hope to bring that same experience to more patients in need of rehabilitation.”

For more information on CSMC’s In-Motion Robotic therapy, visit www.cardinalsantos.com.ph.