Draw Something’s appeal is fading, Zynga left with 200 million bag


It seems like the owners of OMGPOP had the right idea in selling their game company to Zynga when it did as there have been numerous reports that have said that the popularity of their hit game, Draw Something, is quickly fading. Business Insider did a check on the active users playing the social game and have found that the number of active players are quickly diminishing, and has dropped from a peak of 15 million down to only 10 million.

Zynga’s purchase of the company for 200 million seemed like a good idea back then, but with the popularity of the game largely diminished, Zynga may be regretting it’s purchase. Comparisons to another casual runaway hit, Angry Birds, is not unheard of but unlike Draw Something, Angry Birds has managed to keep on the top of the downloads chart by offering new levels and content, something that Draw Something has failed to do so far.

Source: Atlantic Wire