G-Form’s XTREME iPhone 5 case protects 5th gen iPod Touch from 100,000 feet drop


There’s a ton of iPhone 5 cases out in the market that promises extreme protection from the most horrifying of drops. Case maker G-Form is one of them, but instead of just dropping an iOS device from the edge of a table, they opted to drop one from 100,000 feet, just a few thousand feet shy from the edge of space. Granted, they used an 5th generation iPod Touch in their XTREME iPhone 5 case to do it, but that’s still pretty damn impressive. The company launched their XTREME iPhone 5 case via a balloon over the Nevada desert, and aside from some minor temperature related hiccups when it was recovered on the ground, the 5th gen iPod Touch was none worse for the wear. Unfortunately, we’re not aware of any local dealers that pack G-Form’s XTREME iPhone 5 case, so if you want to grab one of their cases, you’ll have to go through their official website to do so.