Gadgets’ Cebu and Davao bloggers meet – we came, we saw, we said hi!


It always pays to share good news, and we at Gadgets Magazine have made it our advocacy to share good vibes to everyone and not just the people in Metro Manila. To this end, we’ve started our Good Blog Awards initiative together with Coca Cola, which aims to reward people who blog about positive things and inspire people to do great deeds. Since good ideas and great people happen everywhere, we decided to take a trip down south to Cebu and Davao to meet with local bloggers and spread the word.

Our first stop was  Cebu, where we met the Cebu Blogger’s Society over dinner. Gadgets Magazine Publisher and EIC Maribelle Alba talked about what we wanted to convey with the Good Blog Awards and how a single idea can inspire others to do something good and be something better. Wally Panganiban, Media Relations Manager for Coca Cola Philippines, also spoke about their strategic partnership with Gadgets Magazine over the Good Blog awards, which coincidentally, also meshes with their message of living positively quite well. Yours truly talked about what Piracy really is (hint, it’s a service issue) and the possible ways that bloggers can help to fight it. The meet also turned into a tech advice session of sorts, which was great – geeks love meeting fellow geeks after all.

It was pretty much the same deal when we flew over to Davao the next day and met with the bloggers based there. The Davao based bloggers were a lively bunch, and were really interested in spreading the good news to the rest of the Philippines. We got the feeling that the bunch were hungry to spread the real score on how beautiful Davao really is and that a lot of the negative things that people from Manila associate with the province is just flat-out not true.

We met some really awesome people at both provinces, and we hope that our message of spreading good reaches everyone, not just people from the provinces. If you want to know more about the Good Blog Awards, please check out the website at