Globe dubs LTE service Tattoo Black, plans start at 1799 for speeds up to 28 Mbps


Kids, the Philippine LTE wars has officially begun. Globe has officially outed their plans for their LTE service in a full page ad in newspapers today. The new service, dubbed as Globe Tattoo Black, promises to deliver 42Mbps speeds, which is similar to what rival Smart is offering. Unlike Smart, Globe will be offering two pricing tiers for their LTE service – one lower tier priced at 1799 with speeds capped to 28 Mbps, and another one that goes the whole 42Mbps downlink limit which will cost 2499. On paper, Globe’s offering looks superior to what Smart’s LTE service is offering, which is Php 3,500 for 10GB of data. But then again, there’s no word from Globe what the data cap for both plans are – or rather, if there’s even a data cap put in place. And unlike Smart, we haven’t seen Globe’s LTE offering actually working, so it’ll be interesting to see what kind of coverage and speeds Globe’s service will be able to deliver.