Globe’s “future-proof” network



Globe Telecom released a statement today saying that their latest network build is “future-proof”, IPv6 ready, 3G-enabled, and capable of using “the most advanced 4G technologies such as HSPA+ and long term evolution (LTE).”

This upgraded network is apparently Globe’s most significant investment thus far, and they have no qualms of pouring funds into improving network quality to cater to the growing demand for bandwidth-intense usage. The company also claims that their drive towards modernization will allow them to provide customers the service they need much quicker.

Globe will also establish a Joint Innovation Center (JIG) along with Huawei, its technology partner. This gives Globe the chance to learn “network best practices” as well as the latest “developments of the 17 R&D centers of Huawei globally.”

“We envision an unparalleled customer experience that will truly set Globe apart from competition,” says Robert Tan, chief technical adviser of Globe. “The modernized Globe network and IT systems will address all current needs of our customers, at the same time, have the capacity and capability for more sophisticated use of mobile and broadband technologies…By modernizing our network infrastructure and its key elements, we are in a better position to efficiently and effectively provide the needs of our customers, as well as maintain our competitive position in the market.”