Google+ becomes the second largest Social Network according to report


Watch out Facebook – Google is out to get you. According to a report done by Trendstream for their Global Web Index for Q4 of 2012, Google’s erstwhile social network has surpassed Twitter to become the second largest Social Network in the world. According to the firm, their analytics data estimates that Google+ has 343 million active users. That certainly pales in comparison to Facebook’s 693 million active users, but it’s still pretty good considering most analysts expected the social network to fail. That number puts Google+ slightly above Twitter and sister service YouTube in rankings. It’s important to note that active users does not mean total number of users – we’re sure there’s a lot of other people out there that has created either a Twitter, Facebook or Google+ account that they don’t even use, which means that the total user count of each service may well still be higher than reported by Trendstream.

Source: Trendstream