Google is bringing maps back to Windows Phone


We reported earlier that Windows Phone users got redirects when trying to access Google Maps from their devices, but now it seems there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The verge contacted the Big G about the issue, and they received the following statement:

“We periodically test Google Maps compatibility with mobile browsers to make sure we deliver the best experience for those users.

In our last test, IE mobile still did not offer a good maps experience with no ability to pan or zoom and perform basic map functionality. As a result, we chose to continue to redirect IE mobile users to where they could at least make local searches. The Firefox mobile browser did offer a somewhat better user experience and that’s why there is no redirect for those users.

Recent improvements to IE mobile and Google Maps now deliver a better experience and we are currently working to remove the redirect. We will continue to test Google Maps compatibility with other mobile browsers to ensure the best possible experience for users.”

The TL;DR explanation is that IE and Maps weren’t playing nice together, but because of improvements that are being applied, the redirect should be removed in short order. It’s no big surprise that the two companies aren’t the best of buddies, and don’t always agree on program execution, plus IE really isn’t the most popular browser for mobile, so it’s great to see that a solution to the whole problem is being worked on. For the meantime, Windows Phone users might want to take out the old map atlas or take out that iPad they have lying around when nobody is looking.

Source: The Verge

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