Google-Powered Free Zone for Globe subscribers now online


There was a time not long ago when, if one needed information, one would have to scour the dusty pages of an encyclopedia, dig through a card catalog or head to the nearest know-it-all friend who knows an absurd amount of info about everything. These days, it’s a lot more straightforward. Just head over to your search engine of choice, plug in your question, and hey, presto. You’re an instant expert. This is usually the solution to every little problem we find when we are at home, but for the vast majority of people, heading outdoors can ruin this beautiful world of free information. Globe and Google want to bring this power back to us, even when we are untethered from our home connections through the Globe’s Free Zone, powered by Google. In this free internet zone, users have access to Google search, as well as the first page of any of the links that appear as a result of the search, as well as access to their Gmail and Google+ accounts at absolutely no cost. all you need is a globe prepaid account, a capable mobile phone and a pair of thumbs. Users still have the option to move outside the free zone, but will have to pay the requisite charges. Google and Globe hope to give people access to the Internet at all times, for anything they may need (as long as you can find it on the first page.) Know more about this awesome new service by heading to