Google supposedly coming out with their own 7-inch tablet


Here’s some interesting news: CNET has recently reported that there are rumours that Google is set to release their own 7-inch tablet, possibly in the same vein as their Nexus series of devices. CNET cited DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim as saying that the search giant would probably have a tablet that’ll carry a 1280×800 resolution 7-inch display in the same vein as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus and the Kindle Fire. With the completion of their acquisition of Motorola Mobility, Google is certainly in the position to do something like this, which the analyst says is on track for an April production date, and that the device will have ICS on board. It’s not clear where exactly price-wise this particular device falls under, but we’re sure that Google’s main goal is to get under the skin of the cheap (but powerful) Amazon Kindle Fire. The search giant will probably tap either Motorola Mobility or another company to make this tablet in the same vein as the Nexus series of devices that highlights new versions of Android.

Source: CNET