HP giving webOS devs a chance to get the TouchPad at 150 bucks each


Missed HP’s firesale of their ill fated tablet, the TouchPad? Are you interested in developing apps for webOS and are located in the US, Canada or Europe? Well, have we got news for you. HP is giving webOS devs a chance to grab the device cheap in the hopes that it’ll invigorate app development for the fledgling OS. If you meet all of HP’s criteria (registered webOS developer in the US, Canada or Europe) you’ll be able to grab the TouchPad at almost-firesale prices of $150 (€150 if you’re in Europe). Don’t think you can buy truckloads of TouchPads for eventual resale though – HP has placed a 2 device limit on each purchase, so that everyone will have a chance to grab one. Well, almost everyone, we hope.

Source: HP