HP not making ARM devices when Windows 8 hits, first Windows 8 tablet aimed at business


Almost every manufacturer has grand plans for Windows 8 when it hits, and brands like Lenovo, Acer and Asus have already announced their intentions to make ARM powered devices sporting Microsoft’s upcoming OS. That doesn’t mean everyone wants in the ARM-Windows party though, and HP has announced that it will not be making devices running on ARM chips when Windows 8 comes ’round. The leading PC manufacturer has said that it will continue to focus on x86 chips, made by the likes of Intel and AMD according to Marlene Somsak, a spokeswoman for HP. You’re also not going to be seeing HP tablets anytime soon – for the consumer market anyway – HP has also said that the first Hewlett-Packard tablet with Windows 8 will focus on the business market.

Source: Bloomberg