HTC takes top honors in the US, beats Samsung and Apple


While Samsung may be doing the jiggy because of their solid performance around the world this quarter, HTC is doing a little dance of its own. Research firm Canalys has just released a report saying that the Taiwanese brand has bested both Sammy and Apple when it comes to smartphones, with HTC delivering 5.7 million smartphones – a ways off from Apple’s 4.6 million and Samsung’s 4.9 million. ‘However you count it, HTC has become a deserved leader in the US smart phone market,’ said Palo Alto-based Canalys Vice President and Principal Analyst, Chris Jones. ‘This is an awesome achievement for HTC, which has built a premium brand in a highly competitive market in just a few short years. It now has a strong range of 4G Android products, with devices ranged by each of the major carriers, and offers some of the most compelling and differentiated products found on the platform today.’

The report also states that RIM, once a formidable market leader in the US is slipping rapidly with its volumes declining 58% from a year ago and its US market share slipping from 24% in Q3 2010 to just 9% in Q3 2011. It’s not all red ink however, as the Canadian firm managed to grow 59% in EMEA and 56% in APAC over a year ago, largely driven by the popularity of its BBM service.

Source: Canalys