Humble Bundle gives gamers Android games for cheap


We’ve talked about Humble Bundle before but if you need a refresher, let us indulge you: it’s a website which basically packages a number of indie games together and lets you set the price you think is fair for them. After a number of successful Humble Bundle offers, the crew is at it again, but this time they’re giving Android users some low-priced indy love. The Humble Bundle for Android allows gamers to legally buy three indie games for Android (four if you beat the minimum price) with the proceeds going to charity. This time ’round, there are four games up for grabs – Anomaly, Osmos, EDGE and if you beat the minimum, World of Goo. Aside from getting these great games for your Android device, you’ll also be able to get the PC versions of these games with your purchase across all OSes (Windows, Linux and OSX). Isn’t that just awesome? (Yes. Yes it is.) Go grab these games now – remember, a fair amount of money from this sale will be going to charity. You can grab the Android Humble Bundle here.