Intel collaborates with leading tech companies to launch Negosyantech


Negosyantech is the program name chosen by Intel to help entrepreneurs make their business more productive and efficient through the use of affordable technology solutions. According to statistics, 20% of the market of PCs (personal computers) in the Philippines is small-to-medium business (SMBs). Furthermore, only 25% of these SMBs use PCs in their operations. Intel aims to change this, and they’ve launched a campaign to make these enterprises (as well as micro businesses) more aware and start making use of more relevant technology.

Intel has collaborated with 8layer Technologies, Inc. to design software applications and easy-to-use business solutions that achieve cost-effectiveness. This includes the Kasosyo Apps Suite with a sales, inventory, and cash flow application to keep micro businesses and SMBs more efficient and entrepreneurs updated. 8layer also designed BigBiz technology, which integrates services such as Firewall, Email, File Server, DNS, Proxy Server, and more into a single hardware server.

Intel also partnered with, a site that has gone from becoming a social networking site to an e-commerce platform. Multiply has vast expertise and success in the local e-commerce field with over 127,000 merchants (or micro businesses and SMBs) selling on the site. With the strong online presence of Multiply, it’s only right that Intel collaborates with them to reach these SMBs.

Intel is also working together with PLDT in this campaign—the latter becoming the communications and information provider for Negosyantech. Some of the other companies that Intel has partnered with for this campaign are Acer, Dell, Lenovo, HP, and Samsung. These companies will be providing the hardware that Intel can suggest to SMBs.

Basically, Intel is offering 3 things—(1) PCs, which include the best hardware based on Intel processors; (2) software solutions, which are simple applications to suit the needs of SMBs; and (3) communications and information tools for SMBs through PLDT KaAsenso.