Introducing UnoDNS – an easy to use program that lets you watch Hulu, Netflix and more while giving geographic filters the finger


The cloud is the future. There’s no denying that fact. Heck, most of the things that we use today are all cloud based – our email, YouTube and other file sharing services are just some examples. Unfortunately, we’re being left out in the cloud experience when it comes to entertainment – specifically, sites like Hulu, Netflix and Spotify don’t work in our country because of geographic filters, so anyone who wants to view the latest episode of a certain TV show only have two ways to do so: wait until it comes out in the local cable channels (which sometimes never happens) or illegally download it through Torrents. We’ll let this handy comic from the Oatmeal elaborate on that.

There’s now a third option: use UnoDNS. To put it in their marketing terms, UnoDNS is a tool that you use to unblock the world. This handy little subscription service allows you to connect to services like Spotify, Netflix, Hulu and all the other premium services that are blocked because of geographic filters. While there are other ways to get around geographic filters, like using proxies or subscribing to a VPN service, they all have their own issues: proxies are messy, complicated, don’t work with flash and have compatibility and speed issues when it comes to streaming, while VPN services usually have a data cap imposed on them, a no-no for streaming. These issues are non-existent with UnoDNS – account creation and setup is dead easy, and there are three pricing tiers to choose from – Free, Premium ($4.95 a month) and Gold ($.795 a month).
After setting up your account, you download a program to start your streaming on your PC. You just click on Start, and away you go. Each tier has channels tied to it, so the higher you go up the food chain, the more channels you get access to. Our review account was automatically pegged at Gold, so we had access to most of the channels that mattered.
So the first thing that we did was access Hulu, and boy was it like being let in to an exclusive club. After staring at that annoying “This service is not available in your region” warning for so long, finally being able to get in and enjoy episodes of TV shows we liked was a great experience. That’s not the best part though – UnoDNS also allows you to watch these channels on other devices as well, like your Android, iPad, iPhone, XBOX 360, PS3 and a myriad of other devices.

That’s it for now. Expect a more thorough review of this piece of software sometime next week.