Is AMD giving up against competing with Intel on x86?


We knew that AMD wasn’t in great shape, especially since their last processor offering, codenamed Bulldozer, is considered by many to be a failure. But it seems that the situation is actually more dire than we thought – TechPowerup is reporting that the company is on the verge of giving up when it comes to competing with Intel, with company spokesperson Mike Silverman saying that “we’re at an inflection point. We will all need to let go of the old ‘AMD versus Intel’ mind-set, because it won’t be about that anymore.” How the company will move forward isn’t clear, although TechPowerup thinks that AMD will try to gain a foothold in the smartphone and tablet market. A bit of a problem though – they’re basically exchanging one problem for another, as the mobile space is actually more crowded than the PC space – you have industry big hitters Qualcomm and NVIDIA in that space, along with a couple of smaller players. AMD will also run into their old rival Intel in that space too, as the company has already voiced  their interest in powering smartphones and tablets come next year (they already had tablets running MeeGo and Honeycomb in last year’s COMPUTEX). With AMD out of the running, Intel will have a virtual monopoly of the market, which doesn’t bode well for PC buyers.

Source: TechPowerup