Is the Transformer Prime launching on Nov. 9?


We’re all excited about ASUS’ soon to be released tablet, the Transformer Prime. Who wouldn’t be, right? With dimensions that’ll rival their Zenbook and an insanely powerful processor behind it, it may turn out to be one of their finest products yet. So yeah, we were pretty darn stoked when we heard that the Prime might be officially launched on November 9, which is only a few days away (6 days to be exact) if the folks at are to be believed. Some of ASUS’ internal slides have seen the light of day, and point to a November 9 launch. In addition, the leaked slides hint two more major launches in the first quarter of 2012, one of which would most definitely be the Padfone. We’re still not sure what the other one is, but who knows, we may get a confirmation in the next few days.

Via: Phandroid