Kim Dotcom: “MEGA will return. Bigger. Better. Faster.”


Five months after being shut down, Kim Dotcom, owner of controversial website Megaupload, has taken to Twitter to announce its eventual return. The tweet says “SOPA is dead. PIPA is dead. ACTA is dead. MEGA will return. Bigger. Better. Faster. Free of charge & shielded from attacks. Evolution!” For those not in the know, SOPA (and in some respects, PIPA) is a highly controversial piece of proposed legislation that aimed to curb piracy by introducing a host of measures, which was not welcomed by the internet, culminating in protests and blackouts like the one Wikipedia conducted. The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is a multinational treaty for the purpose of establishing international standards for intellectual property rights enforcement which some believe is the spiritual equivalent to SOPA and PIPA.

Currently, Kim Dotcom is out on bail, and Torrent Freak has reported that New Zealand’s High Court has declared that the order used to seize Kim Dotcom’s assets “null and void”. The entire case leveraged against Kim Dotcom is looking pretty shaky, and it seems that he might just be able to make good on his promise.

Source: Twitter