LG: 300 customers now own their 84-inch, Ultra HD TV in Korea


You’d think that given the exorbitant price for LG’s monstrous 84-inch, 84LM9600 Ultra HD TV (it’s currently priced at Php 849,990) that there’d be few people wanting to drop money on it, spending their cash instead for a nice, mid-range car. But that’s not the case in Korea LG says. The ChosunBiz has quoted LG execs saying that there are already 300 homes in their home country that has the monstrous TV set. LG hasn’t released figures for local owners in the Philippines, but an LG exec did tell us during the launch that there were already buyers lined up for their TV set. Hopefully the next wave of Ultra HD TVs in the market will have a saner price point, but we’re pretty sure there will still be buyers for those things even if they’re still as expensive as the 84LM9600.

Source: ChosunBiz via The Verge