LG gets their game on for CES


LG Magic Remote

CES is just around the corner, and as always, we’re expecting quite a bit from consumer electronics giant LG.

“This year, LG has made great strides in advancing Smart technology here in the Philippines,” Jillian Lichauco, LGEPH Marketing and PR Manager, said. “We launched our series of Smart appliances that are intelligently controlled, connected and built around consumer lifestyle. We also unveiled the innovative G series for our mobile phones which now redefine the way mobile users interact with their phones. LG Electronics Philippines is constantly breaking new ground in the industry as we bring the Philippines at par with the most technologically advanced countries in the world.”

Echoing the theme up the upcoming CES, LG has gotten their devices lined up for the big reveals in Las Vegas early next year. They have consistently been at the forefront of smart technology, and have lead the way in giving consumers a seamless experience when it comes to connected TVs.

This year saw the release of LG’s redesigned Magic Remote, which allows even better language recognition for the split-second execution of commands whether via voice, gesture, point or dial, all built around natural human motions and gestures.

This year also saw a number of NFC-enabled devices from the manufacturer, which lets users control many of their home appliances with a quick tap, or print an image straight from their smartphones.

LG G2 (white)

The highest point in LG’s calendar this year was no doubt the launch of their flagship Android device, the G2. Offering superb image quality and amazing power in a gorgeous shell, the G2 has been received exceedingly well throughout the globe, and its popularity seems to show no signs of waning.

“With the advent of greater Internet connectivity and improvements in wireless

technologies, the potential to harness technology to do more for humankind has never

been greater,” Lichauco said. “We’ve only scratched the surface of Smart technology.

LG is committed to improve our consumer’s lifestyles with simple yet powerful