Makati looking to be the first free “WiFi” city

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The local government of Makati has just set some lofty goals for itself. In a post in it’s official website, the local government of Makati has installed multiple free wireless hotspots in selected in the Makati City hall, in cooperation with PLDT. This is a first in the Philippines, and current Mayor Jejomar Erwin S. Binay isn’t stopping there.

“We are planning to pursue citywide wi-fi connectivity, and City Hall is a good place to start.  Then we will select two pilot barangays first before gradually covering the entire city,” Binay said. “We thank our private sector partner, PLDT, for helping us take this first step towards becoming the country’s first WiFi City, which will significantly speed up the delivery of services and benefits to our constituents and stakeholders,” he added.

It’s a big goal, but if there ever was a city that could pull this off, it’s Makati – the revenue from all the businesses based there makes a project of this size possible. Hopefully other cities follow suit as well.

Source: Makati City Government