Microsoft unveils web-based app creator that makes it easy for newbies to make apps


There’s a lot of us who come up with great ideas for apps yet never act on it because of our relative lack of knowledge of programming. Well, Microsoft has just made app creation simpler with their new service, the TouchDevelop Web App. Now users can make apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 just by using a web browser. The TouchDevelop Web App is an offshoot of the company’s TouchDevelop App for Windows Phone. Users will be required to log-in via their Windows Live, Facebook, or Google account to access the app on the browser. Once logged in, users can then check out the various tools and tutorials available on hand. And while the TouchDevelop Web App’s interface was optimized for devices with touchscreens, Microsoft has also made the tool available to people who also just use the keyboard and mouse. If you think you have a great idea for an app yet don’t have the programming chops to make it into a reality, you might just want to check this out.

Source: Microsoft