More teasers from Asus for COMPUTEX, dual-boot tablets, possible dual-touchscreens?


It’s two days before June 4 kiddies, and Asus has once again decided to tease some of the features of the products that’ll come out in COMPUTEX. The firm has outed two teaser videos that we’ve conveniently linked below. The first one is pretty easy to guess – they’ll probably release a dual-booting tablet (or notebook, which doesn’t seem likely) that will be able to use Android and Windows 8, as both will be able to run on ARM chips that modern tablets favor. The second one is much tougher, maybe a dual-touchscreen layout for a notebook or hybrid device? Maybe an ultrabook that has a capacitive screen on the back to make it double as a tablet? Don’t worry folks, we’ll be there once they make the unveil, and will be liveblogging the event so you won’t miss out.

Source: Asus