Nansulate Energy Protect insulation coating safeguards building surfaces and windows


U.S.-based company Industrial Nanotech has announced their new clear thermal insulation and mold resistance coating, dubbed as the Nansulate Energy Protect. It insulates surfaces while protecting them from mold growth, moisture, and UV light, and is designed to increase thermal resistance of windows, walls, ceilings, and skylights.

This eco-friendly and easy-to-use liquid coating can be used over surfaces without changing their look and can also be painted over with another layer of paint, as long as it’s water-based. The coating also frosts windows for security and lets through approximately 92% of visible light.

According to Industrial Nanotech, you can simply apply it on any surface—including as brick, drywall, finished walls, wood, stucco and concrete, among others—with rollers, brushes or spray cans.

For more information, you can head on over to the Nansulate website.