New Microsoft video tells you why Google’s apps aren’t right for your business


Microsoft has initiated an all-out campaign against Google earlier today, through a humorous video that it posted on its YouTube channel. “What happens when the world’s largest advertising business tries to sell productivity software on the side ?” The new video, entitled Googlighting, highlights a number of reasons why Google’s App products are inferior to their offering, with the Redmond firm citing that ​Google Apps is an ever-changing solution with experimental features, has limited and incomplete functionality and where the future of their apps are up in the air. Tom Rizzo wrote on Microsoft’s blog that “Many businesses find that Googlighting also means taking shortcuts, making assumptions about how people *should* work, and generally failing to build and deploy solutions which meet a wide range of business needs. If these concerns and current revelations about Google’s privacy policies have you troubled, this may be a great time to check out Office 365, the online collaboration solution for businesses who don’t want their documents and mail read.” You can watch the opening shot of a potentially long and ugly campaign below.

Source: Microsoft