Nexus 7 splayed for all to see, almost as easy to repair as the Kindle Fire


The guys at iFixit has wasted no time splitting apart Google’s Nexus 7 tablet in their labs to see what makes it tick, and to gauge how hard it is to repair. The short version is that it’s almost as easy to repair as Amazon’s Kindle Fire, save for the fused LCD display. The guys over at iFixit had a blast opening the device, noting that the device uses non-proprietary screws. They also found that the device’s thickness makes it extremely easy to service, and the battery isn’t glued to the chassis which is the case with Apple’s tablets. Speaking of the battery, iFixit has found out that it has a large,  4326 mAh, 16 Wh battery that can last 9:49 hours. The Nexus 7 gets one point lower in terms of repairability compared to the Kindle Fire (7/10 versus 8/10) because of the fused display, which is a far cry from the score of the iPad of 2/10. If you want to check out the full teardown, just visit the iFixit link below.

Source: iFixit