Nielsen: Android is the OS of choice for US smartphone owners


While Apple might be raking in cash by the truckload, research firm Nielsen has found that Google’s Android OS is still the top choice of smartphone buyers in the US. In a survey done last March, the research firm has found that a majority of phone owners in the US (50.4%) have smartphones and of those, 48.5% use Android. Apple’s iOS comes in second at around 32.0%, with RIM at 11.6%. What’s surprising is that if we’re interpreting this right, Microsoft’s long obsolete Windows Mobile OS accounts for more users at 4.1% than it’s current generation OS, Windows Phone which sits at a paltry 1.7%. The report also said that there’s slightly more female owners of smartphones compared to men (50.9% compared to 50.1%) and that Asian Americans lead smartphone adoption with 67.3 percent using a smartphone as their primary mobile handset.

Source: Nielsen