Nokia: Apple’s user interface on the iPhone is “poorly designed” and convoluted


Nokia has come out swinging against Apple, with Nokia’s design boss Marko Ahtisaari saying in an interview with Finnish newspaper Kauppalehti that Apple’s user interface on the iPhone is “poorly designed” and convoluted adding that “the road from the kitchen into the dining room is always through the front door.” The veteran Nokia exec goes on to say describe mobile OS ke Symbian and Android as dollhouses, with furniture that users can arrange according to their will. Marko also said that the company is building a new smartphone that will make the iPhone and other devices currently out in the market look dated. The new device will reportedly usher in a new user experience, and supposedly allows users to interact with it without even bending over to look at the screen. While no more details is available about how the Finnish manufacturer wants to do this, a recent patent may serve some insight on their general thought process. The patent is for a tattoo-like haptic communication system that vibrates every time you get alerts.

Source: Kauppalehti