Nokia N9 spotted running Android 4.03


We’ve always had a soft spot for Nokia’s first and only MeeGo offering, the N9. There’s no denying that Nokia’s efforts on the hardware side of things were more than up to par, sadly, the device was severely limited because of the use of a stillborn mobile OS. Mobile developer Alexey Roslyakov would have none of that, and seems to have successfully managed to make the N9 load and boot Android 4.03, aka Ice Cream Sandwich. Of course, the port isn’t perfect – there’s still a lot of bugs to be squashed (like making it connect to the internet, for one) though the demo video of the device that’s been making the rounds in YouTube has us hopeful for a solid, usable port in the future. Who knows, it may invigorate the ailing smartphone’s sales when the port goes official.

Source: YouTube (drunkdebugger)