NVIDIA reveals Kepler GPUs going into ultrabooks, Acer Timeline M3 Ultra gets first dibs


NVIDIA’s next generation of GPUs (code named Kepler) is apparently going into next generation ultrabooks. In a blog post in the company’s site, Rene Haas revealed that Acer’s latest model, the Timeline M3 Ultra, would be carrying NVIDIA’s GeForce GT640M that uses the 28nm Kepler architecture. While there’s no solid performance numbers available for NVIDIA’s Kepler line of GPUs According to Legit Reviews, NVIDIA’s GeForce GT640M is about ten percent faster than the old GT 555M in Battlefield 3 benchmark tests. Rene promises that “you can have high-end graphics performance and the best battery life on the planet.” Other features of the Acer Timeline M3 Ultra include a 15-inch screen, optical disk drive and a thin, 20mm chassis.

Source: NVIDIA, Legit Reviews