NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 architecture is now officially now 4-PLUS-1


We’ve oft referred to NVIDIA’s unique Tegra 3 architecture as having a fifth “companion” or “ninja” core before. Now NVIDIA’s taken to officially calling the unique architecture as the 4-Plus-1  quad-core architecture and have slapped a trademark on it for future use. Here’s a bit of a primer on what makes Tegra 3 so special, straight from NVIDIA – “What this revolutionary architecture does is simple: It provides both exceptional processing power and great battery life. It does this by using four powerful CPU cores to handle demanding tasks, such as gaming, and a fifth low-power, battery-saver core to manage less strenuous tasks – like processing e-mail or operating in standby mode.” If you want to learn more about Tegra 3, you can hit up this link for the whitepaper behind it.