Rovio rejects $2.25 billion acquisition by Zynga


We all know how wildly successful Rovio’s Angry Bird series of mobile games have been. If you’re an Android or iOS phone owner, chances are you have a copy of their game on your device right now. And as with any successful business in the tech world today, there’s a lot of companies that want in on that action. One of those companies is Zynga, the wildly successful Facebook game developer responsible for hundreds of farms and poker tables for the social network. Unfortunately for Zynga, Rovio wasn’t in the mood to sell – according to TechCrunch, the Finnish company walked away from a $2.25 billion offer from the casual game company. The reason why they rejected the offer isn’t clear, though the report from TechCrunch opined that it may have been a clash of cultures – the nickel and dime approach by Zynga doesn’t mesh well with Rovio’s free for everyone mantra for their games.

Source: TechCrunch