Samsung manages to sell 10 million Galaxy S3s in less than two months


We knew that Samsung’s latest and greatest smartphone, the Galaxy S III, would sell briskly, but we’re surprised at how fast the Korean company’s newest smartphone has managed to sell. Samsung’s president Shin Jong-kyun (JK Shin) has told Korean news agency Yonhap that the Galaxy S III has managed to acquire 10 million sales in two months, easily surpassing the sales figures of the previous device, the Galaxy S II. Though we shouldn’t be too surprised – Reuters did say last May that the Galaxy S III had managed to achieve 9 million pre-orders from carriers all over the world, so their latest sales figures is bang on the money. We’re actually more curious on how many Galaxy S IIIs Samsung will end up selling until the inevitable announcement of its successor – we’re sure a “literal crapton” is accurate in that regard.

Source: Yonhap via TNW