Smart fires back against Globe’s statement, says Globe performed “selective reading of the test results”


Smart has officially sent out their reply to Globe’s statement, hot in the heels of Globe’s presscon earlier today. In their press release, Smart calls Globe’s interpretation of the NTC benchmarks as “a selective reading of the test results defies arithmetic, and, more importantly, flies in the face of consumer experience.” Smart says that according to the same benchmark, they managed to rate higher in four of the five parameters, which include  1) Drop Call Rate; 2) Call Set Up Time; 3) Average Signal Quality; and 4) Average Receive Signal Level.

Smart also accuses Globe of manipulating the test results, which concerns the Average Receive Signal Level. Basically Smart is saying that Globe mentioned in their statement that “the final metric is the Average Receive Signal Level with a minimum acceptable range of -85 dBm,” and that both telcos did not make it to the standard.

This isn’t true, says Smart as both telcos actually passed the standard, with Globe registering a score of -69.83 dBm, while Smart had decisively better results, at -62.63 dBm. This particular parameter deals directly with signal strength, and Smart stresses that their signal level is five times stronger than Globe’s.