Smart is getting the iPhone 4S before the year ends, other iDevices in tow?


Chalk up another win for telecommunication giant Smart, as reports that the telco is in talks with Apple to bring the company’s latest device, the iPhone 4S to Smart’s stable. According to the report, the chairman of Smart’s parent firm Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co., Manny V. Pangilinan, said that  iPhone4S would initially be offered by Smart to high-end postpaid subscribers, and that the company will soon start offering wireless broadband services bundled with Apple’s iPad tablets. If the deal goes through, Smart will now have all four mobile OSes locked down tight – Android, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry and iOS.

While it’s definitely awesome, awesome news for Smart subscribers, you gotta wonder how Smart is going to go about with localizing Siri. Some local early adopters of the iPhone 4S found out the hard way that Siri’s location services wouldn’t work in the Philippines since it relies on services like Yelp and Wolfram|Alpha which are primarily based in the US. Then again, the iPhone 4S is a nice upgrade from the iPhone 4, and if you’ve been looking to grab a brand new iPhone for yourself this Christmas getting a new Smart postpaid plan might be the way to go – provided of course they close the deal in time for the holidays.