Smart LTE pricing revealed: 3,500 a month for 10GB of data, 42 Mbps speeds


We’re still waiting for Smart’s official unveil of their commercial LTE service that’s scheduled to launch on the 25th of August, but the telco has graciously unveiled the pricing for their LTE service. According to Smart’s LTE page here, they’ll be offering 10GB of data at blistering 42 Mbps speeds for 3,500 a month. While the price does seem a bit pricey (considering that you’re capped at 10GB a month), Smart says that their pricing is competitive when compared to other regions, which charges 20$ a GB (Php 848) for the same amount of speeds. Unfortunately, we’re not sure yet what happens when a user goes over that 10GB limit or whether Smart will dial back their speeds, but we’re sure we’ll get more information once the service officially launches next week.

Source: Smart