Smart pre-order page for Galaxy S III is now live [UPDATE]


Alright kiddies, if you were holding out for Smart’s offering for the highly anticipated Galaxy S III, here’s your chance. Smart’s pre-order page is now live and you can now register to grab the Galaxy S III. Unfortunately there’s still no word pricing or on the plans the telco will offer it for, but there’s a good chance it would be on par or a bit better than what Globe has right now – remember, Smart undercut Globe in the pricing of another hotly anticipated smartphone, the Apple iPhone 4S, and it’s not a stretch to expect the same here. We’ll update this story once we learn more. You can go to to pre-order your Galaxy S III from Smart.

[UPDATE] Smart has just put in a plan for the Galaxy S III, and it seems that you’ll be able to grab the unit for free with their unlimited data plan 2000.

[UPDATE 2] Seems like that free at plan 2000 offer for the S III has a catch – we just verified that you’ll be locked in to your plan for 30 months instead of 24, like most other smartphones, which means an additional half a year in addition to the regular two year lock-in for other devices.