Smart unveils Freedom Plan, first post-paid plan without a MSF


Smart has achieved another first today, as the telecom company has just unveiled their Freedom Plan, the first ever post-paid plan that doesn’t include a monthly service fee – you know, that dreaded monthly fee that you have to pay regardless even if you don’t consume that much. Smart’s Freedom plan changes all of that – it’s a post-paid plan that acts and feels like pre-paid. Confused? Let us explain.

Here’s the gist of it: Smart’s Freedom plan is basically a post-paid plan that only bills you for what you use. So for example, you used about 150 pesos worth of text and 200 bucks of calls at the end of the month, you pay only Php 350 when the bill comes. It’s that simple. Users are initially capped at Php 600 a month – if you want to get more credit, you need to pay off whatever you’ve already consumed to get your bill below Php 600 to get the service running again. You also don’t need to present numerous documentation to get your Freedom Plan running – just present 1 valid ID and you’re good to go.

Smart has also created special pricing buckets for Freedom Plan so users have the option of just using services that are relevant to them. For example, I’m not big on texting – I’m more of a calling kinda guy, so I’ll go for the Call to All bucket for 250 bucks, which gives me 100 mins of calls to Smart and other networks. And if that’s the only thing I consume, I’ll only be paying Php 250 a month – no more, no less. The entire Smart service bucket list can be found be here.

Smart has also revealed that people will be able to upgrade their payment cap after a few months if they prefer, provided they have a solid track record of payment for a set number of months, which makes sense. The plan is a compromise between Smart and their potential subscriber, which is, to be honest, an excellent tradeoff – the plan doesn’t have the traditional boundaries or obligations that normal postpaid plans have, and the price cap is low enough that Smart isn’t exposed to unnecessary financial risks. Smart is actually being pretty smart here (pardon the pun) as they are playing to their strengths as a leader in pre-paid.

Smart’s Freedom Plan is currently being offered as a SIM plan only, no device bundles for now, though that’s not entirely out of the picture, though it’s difficult to imagine how the company will offer the Freedom Plan without a MSF in that sort of setup.