Student ‘interns’ could be building your PS4


chinese intern

Students from China’s Xi’an Institute of Technology are doing internship at Foxconn, the company behind the assembly of tech products like PlayStations, and iPhones. While an internship is a good thing, student interns at Foxconn are getting their internship credits by participating on an assembly line and working on Sony’s forthcoming Playstation 4.

These engineering students who are supposed to be earning educational experience are exposed to the same job conditions as a regular labor worker. According to Quartz, “Students perform the same hours and work as paid Foxconn workers–gluing together parts, applying sticker, and boxing up cords. Foxconn says they also earn the same salary as entry-level workers.”

Students who don’t participate in the intership program would allegedly be withheld of course credits they need to graduate.

This isn’t the first time Foxconn has been questioned about their ethics. Just recently, they have been criticized on a similar incident and were allegedly forcing students to do labor on iPhone 5 lines. Foxconn has retorted on the issue by saying students are free to leave anytime.

Source: Engadget, Quartz, CNN

Image source: Engadget