Team Instagram VS Team Vine



At a Facebook press event, Instagram founder Kevin Systrom introduced a new video capture mode that will bring iOS, Android and web users a different way to share stories. The video addition looks and feels a whole lot like Twitter’s looping video app Vine, except that it’s a bit longer, built into a pre-existing app, and comes with custom filters.

All the features from Instagram are now available for video, including one-tap capture, filters designed specifically for videos, and cross-posting to Facebook, Twitter, and more.

One-tap capture


There’s a record button that now appears to the right of the photo capture button. Tapping this lets you enter video mode. You can capture a scene with the front-facing or rear camera.

New Filters


The app released 13 new filters designed specially for videos—Stinson, Vesper, Clarendon, Maven, Gingham, Ginza, Skyline, Dogpatchm,, Brooklyn, Moon, Helena, Ashby, and Charmes—and range from sublte to high-contrast to vintage-looking to black-and-white, just like the photo filters.

Custom Cover Photos


You can also choose your own cover frame. This is the screen capture that will appear in the Instagram feed. A little play button in the upper right of the screen capture indicates that it is a video

Multiple Clips and Deleting Clips


Recording videos with Instagram is simple. Like Vine, just press and hold the record button to record a scene and let go to stop recording. You can capture up to 15 seconds and have as many clips as you’d like. Unlike Vine though, Instagrammers can delete the previous clip without starting from scratch, and then continue capturing a scene.

So which side are you on? Team Instagram or Team Vine? Let us know, and tell us why in the comments!