The BlackBerry PlayBook is finally getting a native email client….in 2012


We were as baffled as everyone else when RIM decided to release the PlayBook without a native email client, calendar or contact manager which are, to be completely honest, the main reasons why people buy BlackBerries in the first place. If you’re one of the few people who actually own a PlayBook, you’ll be happy to know that the native email client will be landing for RIM’s tablet offering in February of 2012, along with a myriad of software updates which include an Android app converter. The information surfaced at the Blackberry Innovation forum, where BlackBerry Cool managed to grab a video and a few shots of the new client. The email client feels familiar, as it uses the same split-screen layout as other email clients for tablets, which means it’ll be ridiculously easy to use. Will the update boost sales for the tablet? That’s a bit harder to say.

Source: BlackBerry Cool