These are the birds you are looking for: Angry Birds Star Wars dropping on November 8


Fans of Angry Birds and the Star Wars universe rejoice (or gnash your teeth in despair, whatever floats your boat) – app developer Rovio has just announced a mashup that every red-blooded, Midi-chlorian infused Jedi should download. Angry Birds Star Wars combines the fun gameplay of Angry Birds Space with the familiar locations and characters of the Star Wars Universe. The birds and the pigs will take on the roles of the Rebel Alliance and the Empire as they fight in recognizable locales, like Tatooine and the Death Star. Rovio and Lucasfilm are also gearing up to release Angry Birds Star Wars themed merchandise, which is pretty much par for the course for tie-ins as far as Lucasfilm is concerned. Angry Birds Star Wars will hit Android, iOS, PC and Mac devices on November 8.

Source: Angry Birds Star Wars