This is the future of BlackBerry: L Series phone and BlackBerry 10 leaked by BlackBerry exec in video


If you were wondering where BlackBerry was going in terms of their future phones and phone designs, you needn’t have to go far. Mexican site Hola Telcel has managed to get video of a demo of an L-series phone running BlackBerry 10 from a BlackBerry rep, of all people (the original Vimeo link has been taken out, though website AllAboutPhones have graciously uploaded it to their channel). The video is completely in Spanish, but that’s not really much of an issue since most of what’s happening on the device is pretty self-explanatory. Whether this particular device demo was approved by the folks higher up in the food chain doesn’t matter; what does matter is that we’re liking what we’re seeing on the video – the “best shot” feature is particularly interesting, which should result in less cringe-worthy photos in the near future. The predictive onscreen keyboard is also pretty good, which should come as no surprise given that BlackBerry is a company that specializes in messaging. Watching the video gives us a lot of hope that the company may still turn their fortunes around with the new devices – hopefully they can flush out the kinks in the system and get their wares out before the year ends.

Source: YouTube (AllAboutPhones)