Trend Micro outs Titanium Cloud Edition Maxium Security 2012 – anti-virus, social network, mobile and cloud protection


The internet is filled with bad, bad people. It’s a reality that everyone sometimes fails to forget until their credit card is used in fraudulent manner, or when someone hacks your Facebook account and professes your love for weird, socially unacceptable fetishes. Viruses and malware are continually evolving, and protecting yourself online has become more important than ever.

Trend Micro understands this problem well, and have released their Titanium Cloud Edition Maxium Security 2012 anti-virus software. The new offering from the company promises to protect your PC from traditional threats, as well as protect your Facebook account from getting infected and taken over via socially engineered threats. Tend Micro’s Titanium Cloud Edition Maxium Security 2012 has a tool that visually identifies safe and malicious links on social networking sites like Facebook and twitter, and has integrated protection for Android based mobile device like tablets and smartphones. Trend Micro’s protection for Android devices isn’t limited to preventing malicious software from coming in however, as the the new software has the ability to remotely ring your phone if you misplaced it and wipe it clean of data when retrieving it is no longer an option.

Trend Micro is offering different SKUs for the Titanium Cloud Edition Maxium Security 2012, though their reps couldn’t give us a straight out answer of how much it’ll be or what the SKUs would be. We’ve confirmed two SKUs for the software, one 1 year subscription that protects 1 PC and 1 mobile device and a 1 year, 3 PC and 3 mobile device that will retail for 40-50 USD.