Will the next Nexus smartphone be made by LG?


There’s persistent rumors around the net that Google is gearing up to launch the next device in the Nexus family. And just like before, Google is going to partner with a manufacturer to make the next Nexus smartphone a reality. Rumors are that Google is partnering up with Korean manufacturer LG for their next Nexus device, and that said device will be closely related to the recently launched Optimus G. The next Nexus device will launch with the next iteration of Android (Android 4.2) and will use Qualcomm’s newly minted quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor paired with 2GB of memory. The device will use a 1280×768 True-HD IPS screen, and will launch with 16GB of storage without a microSD slot (and will have a non-removable battery). Sources close to the matter say that the device will be unveiled at an event later this month, so we’ll know soon enough if the product leaks are right.

Source: Modaco